Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mozilla symbols + source in your WinDBG

After seeing the new Firefox 0-day which was announced today, I thought it would be fun to play with the PoC code.

Also, WinDBG has been becoming my debugger of choice lately, so I decided it would be nice to use that for debugging Firefox while I take a look at the exploit code.

In order to make debugging a little easier, I decided to poke around and see how I could go about getting debug symbols and source for Firefox and make it all work snazzily with WinDBG. Turns out Mozilla has these awesome pages for doing just this: symbols howto and source howto

It was actually astonishingly easy. Just typing these into your command window should be sufficient:

.sympath+ srv*c:\users\ryan\documents\symbols\firefox*
.srcpath+ srv*c:\users\ryan\documents\sources\firefox

and that's it!

Now all your sumbols and sources for this WinDBG session will be downloaded to your symbols\firefox and sources\firefox folders respectively. Of course, you'll want to replace the c:\users\ryan\documents with whatever your location is, but that's about it.

Go to it and hack you some Firefox!


  1. Great! I've just looking for that! Many thanks!

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