Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Like Excite Truck? Then check out Excitebots!

Monster Games, the company who made Excite Truck, and which my bro has been working at for some time, has finally come public with news of the next game, called Excitebots:

This is huge for me, because he's been telling me about all the fun development stories and meetings with the folks from Nintendo Japan, but I've never been privy to any of the juicy details, not even the name, until recently. All I ever new was, "It's going to be like Excite Truck, but better."

Just recently, Nintendo released their list of upcoming games. Once that happened, I finally heard word from my brother about what the games name was. It was definitely cool to hear the name after many months of not knowing. Unfortunately, though, all it was then was a name, because there still weren't any screen shots or anything.

Today, however, I saw the article in Nintendo Power. Finally, some images! I think I can say that all the waiting was worth it. I liked Excite Truck, but it didn't have all that much replayability. Excitebots, though has online play, so that should make it much more fun since you can play with your buddies online. I don't know what the online play is like, but I imagine it should be pretty cool.

Anyhow, if you like Excite Trucks, please go out and get Excitebots so my bro and his company can keep making cool games!

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