Friday, February 13, 2009

Vimp Update

I've been playing around with Vimperator for a few days now. It still rocks, and that's for sure. Here's a list of the plugins I find useful:
  • NoScript integration
  • Firebug integration
  • MsWin is handy if you use Vimperator on a Windows box as it binds copy/cut/paste back to ctrl-c/ctrl-x/ctrl-v
  • Link-Target is kind of cool, but needs work with icon placement if possible
I also have found this script handy for my vimperatorrc file:
" This puts an RSS icon on the bottom status bar
javascript <<EOF
var feedPanel = document.createElement("statusbarpanel");
feedPanel.setAttribute("id", "feed-panel-clone");
feedPanel.firstChild.setAttribute("style", "padding: 0; max-height: 16px;");
.insertBefore(feedPanel, document.getElementById("security-button"));
That script is courtesy of teramako on the Vimperator Tips & Tricks page, so thanks, teramako for this excellent script.

Also, I highly suggest that the Vimperator.vim files be grabbed for file detection, and syntax highlighting.

So far, I've looked at all the plugins and tricks which are on their main wiki pages.

Right now, I'm going through the plugins here as well and I've found a few more plugins which are nice. After I play around with them for a while, I'll put more info up here again.


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