Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Vimp

Alright, this is probably the last post about Vimperator, then I'll go back to talking about other useless crud.

I did find some good plugins in the code repository. I'll just list those here and people can check them out too:
  • hash.js - a plugin for calculating various hashes of files on disk. Handy for verifying hashes of all your downloads for those of you who may be paranoid like myself.
  • inspector.js - gives you an easy way to insepct the DOM objects in your browser and web pages. Requires the DOM Inspector Firefox plugin.
  • reading.js - A handy way to tweet about the page which you're currently reading. Currently has no restricion on number of characters. Also doesn't do URL shrinking which I might look into adding at some point.
  • splitBrowser.js - Makes Vimperator really like Vim! :split / :vsplit in your Firefox, how freakin' cool is that?!? This does require the Split Browser plugin be added to firefox.
  • tinyurl.js - makes the current URL into a TinyURL ando yanks it to your clipboard for you
  • twitter.js - allows you to tweet from your browser.
That's it for now! Cheers!

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