Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun with Web Developer Toolbar

This isn't anything special, just something I found amusing. So anyhow, I needed to refill some meds today, and I was feeling quite lazy, so I used the web portal to place a refill.

Now, if I place the order with a person over phone, they tell me it'll be ready in half an hour. The thing that is annoying is that when I place the order through the automated phone system or through their website, it requires between an hour and a half or two hours to process the refill order.

My problem was this: I wanted the order to be ready by 5:30, but the earliest the website would let me choose was 6:00. Well, 6:00 wouldn't work for me, because I need to be out of the office at 5:30 and at home by 6:00. So, with a quick click of the Web Developer option "Convert Select Elements to Text Inputs", I was able to enter my own time, bypassing their silly check that would never have effected me if I had called them and talked to an actual person.

Thanks, Web Developer toolbar, you totally made my entirely crappy day end on a pretty decent note!

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