Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So Sonic has finally brought a restaurant to Wisconsin. And it's about time considering that I've been seeing ads on cable since I came here for college in '02.

Having family in Kansas and Oklahoma, I've had many opportunities to eat at a Sonic. Because of this, every time I saw a Sonic ad on TV it made me a little upset. Yes, I know, it is a silly thing to get upset about, but Sonic really is good food!

Anyhow, now that Sonic is finally here, it seems like the entirety of Madison is showing up there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just yesterday, there was a line which was backed up all the way onto University Ave, and even went a couple blocks down University.

Today, they actually had a 'Sonic Staging Area' which was about a block away from the actual Sonic building. The staging area actually went a couple blocks down a side road and was complete with attendants which monitored the line of cars there. These poor fellows were bundled up in like 5 layers of clothes, and toting walkie-talkies to help direct traffic. It was insane!

Me and a co-worker went at 11 this morning and were like the second car in line at the staging area. We got in quickly, parked in a stall, and proceeded to chow down on some of the best fast food you can find around here.

I probably won't be going there much more until Summer, but it's nice to finally have one around here!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trying again

Alright, so this is blog number two... The first one went really well, so I'm trying another one. Actually, the first one sucked and everyone told me the same, so I'm giving it another go with a fresh start.

I'd really like to get this running and put meaningful information up here, but I am a person who tends to pick up new projects as quickly as I drop them. I pretty much just need to get into the habit of putting interesting crud up here and getting people to reply saying that is either interesting or pretty much just crud.

So, please, if anyone has anything interesting to say or just wants me to do something more, give me a kick in the pants and tell me to put something up here!